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We offer our clients a wide range of options in turning their estates, antiques, store closing, and liquidation sales into cash. There are many forms of auction these days: House Auction, Estate Auction, Liquidation, On Site Auction, and Storage Unit Auction.



THE AUCTION - Tried and proven since biblical times as the best way to sell everything for true market value. From liquidating the Roman Empire to the present day of, antiques, Estates and fine art to millions of other items, record prices continually are set at live auctions. Live Auction include: Estate Auction, House Auction, and On Site Auction. 



As a full service auction company we provide a wide range of services.


PROFESSIONALISM -Our auctioneer has owned a business (service) for 30 years and has dealt with many types of situation. This will that we are current with all aspects of the auction industry concerning laws, changes, updates, and other aspects of the auction process.


LICENSES - We are fully licensed by the state of Florida and Georgia.


EXPERIENCE - We also are equipped to handle any onsite or offsite auction needs with the necessary personnel and equipment to setup and conduct auctions under any circumstances. We use and can provide a mobile office, computerized clerking systems, sound systems, tents, signs, and set up to conduct any size auction necessary.

So if you need quick turn for any thing:

Consignment Auction

Onsite Estate Auction

Full Estate Clean outs and PIck ups

Private sales and pick ups

Commercial and Business Liquidations

Storage Unit Auctions

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